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Sofa Outlet's guide to 60's office decor. Reminiscent of the neo-futuristic designs of Eero Saarinen, mod style furniture is the ideal look for an office. The clean, crisp, geometric lines keep the feel open and simple.

1. A tufted style provides a firm seat and back to keep you upright and alert. 2. Go high in the back for the support you need throughout the work day. 3. A vibrant hue adds a pop of "whoa" for a statement piece in any office space. 4. A curved style contours to the body while a swivel base promotes easy movement. 5. Don't obstruct the view. Keep the profile low and the lines horizontal. 6. Introduce geometric lines without getting too busy with a solid wood desk/table top. 7. An interesting way to achieve arms without taking up floor space. 8. Chrome and glass is visually light and keeps the feel simple yet stylish.

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